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Every organization is seeking ways to engage employees, streamline workflows and leverage shrinking resources.

Motivated by these challenges, ofPartner has developed the Workload Management System (WMS), a unique tool designed to simplify communications between teams and their supervisors regarding current workloads.

Workload Management System (WMS) is a workflow management tool.

It turns a brief response from each team member into meaningful information about how to improve your organizations performance. Here’s how…

Employee Centric Approach

We use a simple email poll to quickly ascertain each team members workload status. Polls can be prescheduled to occur daily, but they can also be performed as needed so you can adjust to immediate needs.

Powerful real-time insight

As team members respond to their email poll, you can instantly ascertain their need for assistance or their availability to help others.

Track results

Past poll results can be analyzed to spot trends used to manage team member performance and to justify assignment changes. Supervisors can also enter notes for individual team member poll responses for future reference.

Minimal investment, maximum return

View the results and analysis from every angle, identify strategic opportunities, formulate implementation plans.

No-hassle implementation

WMS requires only email and internet access. No software or plug-ins to install. No IT support required!

Secure, private and in the cloud

Results are provided through an easy-to-use portal that allows you to view and analyze your firm as a holistic organization.

A key to innovation is leveraging your resources.

WMS solves this for you.

We recognized the need to answer a seemingly simple question: How are our most valuable resources – our people – being utilized?

WMS allows team leads to easily identify and address workflow issues.

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